(Photo)electron spectrum evaluation program for XPS/UPS/XRF

Current release: 0.28b (unstable: 0.29-exp)

wxEWA is a multiprocedure, multiplatform spectrum evaluation program, with some special options for the fields XPS, UPS, XRF and atomic collisions. The status of this software cannot be easily categorized. The core of the system is thorougly tested, in release quality. Due to the continuous development, the newest additions are alpha quality, the somewhat older parts, after corrections/improvements are beta quality. Of course, sometime the new additions require changing the core parts, too, causing errors also in the already released part. This fact is symbolized by the relatively low version number. Because of this, several of the latest versions are available on the WEB site. The author will be happy if you send any remarks, proposed options, and even documented errors.

Since the first published version (0.12), the whole software was re-implemented. Because of this, a lot of features are not yet re-implemented, but will be surely present in the very near future. They are listed in strikethrough style.

Last updated Nov 17, 2004